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A hospital stay can be an intimidating experience for children, teens, and their families. At NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, the mission of our Child Life Program is to support young patients and their families to develop coping strategies and alleviate the tress and trauma of hospitalization.

Our Child Life Specialists are experts in child development who promote effective coping for patients and their families through play, preparation, education, and opportunities for self-expression. By incorporating a family centered care approach, our Child Life team helps normalize the hospital experience, reduce fears, eliminate misconceptions and encourage positive associations to the hospital as well as the medical treatment process.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing procedural support by using distraction and guided imagery techniques to ease anxiety.
  • Using medical play therapy to prepare patients for upcoming diagnostic exams, medical treatments and procedures.
  • Engaging patients in individual and group recreational activities.
  • Planning special events, holidays, and daily programming.

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