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Advances in the surgical treatment of congenital heart disease — heart problems that people are born with — have led to more people surviving with these disorders than ever before. Yet it's not unusual for people with congenital heart disease who were treated as children to "get lost in the healthcare system" after age 25. It can also be difficult for adults to find heart specialists who are familiar with their particular anatomy and problems. NewYork-Presbyterian has one of the few programs in the country with the depth and breadth of expertise to address the multiple and complex anatomical abnormalities in adults with congenital heart disease. Such expertise is vital, because it ensures that you receive an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment.


Special Programs for Adults Born with Heart Disease

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We have a long history addressing the complex needs of people with adult congenital heart disease, having formed one of the first such programs in 1987. The Schneeweiss Adult Congenital Heart Center at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center is one of the nation's oldest, largest, and most experienced adult congenital heart disease programs. The Center recently became an Adult Congenital Heart Association Adult Congenital Heart Disease Accredited Comprehensive Care Center. The Cornell Center for Adult Congenital Heart Disease at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center has a proud tradition of caring for people using innovative treatments and a collaborative, holistic approach.


A Team Approach

Our highly trained heart specialists understand the unique physiological, anatomical, and clinical features of congenital heart disease at all ages. Your team includes physicians, surgeons, and genetic experts who specialize in adult congenital heart disease. They're experts in echocardiography, interventional cardiac catheterization, interventional electrophysiology, complex congenital heart surgery, and heart transplantation.

Experience with Revision Surgery

Some adults may need another surgery to revise an operation that was performed when they were children. Others may have previously undiagnosed congenital heart disease that did not cause any symptoms until they became adults. For example, a septal defect (hole in the heart) can cause shortness of breath, arrhythmias, or stroke in adulthood. We have extraordinary experience performing heart surgery and other treatments for adults with congenital heart disease who were initially treated as children as well as those who were diagnosed later in their lives.

Comprehensive Care for the Most Complex Cases

Our physicians and surgeons are able to help with even the most complex cases — many referred from other hospitals — restoring function and quality of life to people from all over the world. We also have programs for people with special needs, such as pregnant women with congenital heart disease.

Adult Care in an Adult Hospital

You can receive your care in a hospital setting designed for adults, without having to stay in a children's hospital.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial assessing a new treatment or tracking how well you do after surgery.

Looking for Information on Pediatric Heart Disease?

Children with congenital heart disease receive care from physicians and surgeons at the Congenital Heart Center of NewYork-Presbyterian, a joint program between NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Children's Hospital. Each year, the Center's surgeons perform more than 700 heart operations, including about 175 heart repairs in newborn infants. Learn more.