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The lower back runs from the base of the rib cage to the pelvis. It consists of five lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5), five sacral vertebrae (S1-S5), and the coccyx (tailbone)—along with intervertebral discs, muscles that control your back, hips, pelvis, and buttocks, and ligaments that support the lumbar vertebrae and pelvis.

Low back pain is widespread and affects more than 80 percent of Americans for various reasons during their lifetime. In addition to the usual wear-and-tear that occurs as we age, low back pain may result from everyday activities like prolonged slouched postures, twisting, pulling, or lifting incorrectly. Injury to the spine or degenerative conditions—such as osteoarthritis or a herniated or bulging disc—may also cause low back pain.

At Och Spine at NewYork-Presbyterian, our spine specialists help patients manage their low back pain and restore function.

Why Choose Us

Recognized Experts for Low Back Pain

Why Choose Us

At Och Spine, we are dedicated to helping our patients find solutions to low back pain and so they can lead full and active lifestyles. We are experts in everything related to the spine, including preventing low back pain and treating common low back pain conditions and injuries, including spine surgery when needed.

Our team includes some of the world's top surgeons, conservative case physicians, nurses, and physical therapists, all of who have specific expertise in spine care. Och Spine specialists are nationally recognized as thought leaders in innovative low back pain research and leaders in advancing clinical techniques. 


Individualized Treatment for Low Back Pain

Our Approach To Care

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we begin by listening. An initial consultation will consider multiple perspectives to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Physicians evaluate patients using advanced imaging tools and technology, such as EOS imaging, and use these findings to tailor a treatment plan to cater to each patient's individual needs.

Guided by what's best for the patient, our spine doctors start with the most conservative treatments for low back pain. This may include physical therapy and innovative pain management treatments, such as nerve blocks or other injections.

When low back pain interferes with daily living and non-operative treatment options aren't working enough, occasionally surgery may be the next step. Our neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons rank among the best in their fields and offer minimally invasive options and same-day surgeries when indicated. Back surgery requires specific, advanced technologies. Our spine doctors use:

  • Precise technology such as robotics, navigational tools, patient-specific instruments, and implants
  • The most advanced diagnostic imaging
  • Augmented reality to see the spine better during surgery
  • Total navigation to allow for the most targeted, precise techniques from start to finish during a surgery

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Our Lumbar Spine Specialists

Our Team

Och Spine specialists are some of the world's top neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons treating patients from New York, across the U.S., and the world. Focused on each patient's unique needs, they are dedicated to relieving low back pain and restoring health.

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