NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital


Low Dose CT Cardiac Imaging


NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital offers Low Dose cardiac computer tomographic angiography or cardiac CTA. This is the only non-invasive way to visualize the heart and identify coronary artery disease. But more importantly, the multi-detector CT scanner is capable of reducing by up to 40% of the radiation a patient is exposed to during a scan.

Cardiac CTA has the capability of determining the origin of the most dangerous causes of chest pain, including coronary artery disease, aortic abnormality or a blood clot in a pulmonary artery. Most people don’t realize that a stress test can only detect coronary artery disease that is compromising the coronary artery by 70% or greater. Most heart attacks occur from developing disease or plaque that can cause vessel narrowing of less than 50%. This is where cardiac CTA is the most sensitive and could have a significant influence in one’s heart health. When a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable with a conventional physical examination, this is the diagnostic exam of choice.


radiology-low-dose-ct-cardiac-imaging-heart.jpgDoctors can treat patients for a heart attack. But, the challenge is warding off an attack before it happens. GE’s LightSpeed® VCT XTe* can help with its innovative low-dose imaging and cardiac capabilities. This advanced technology delivers what’s important to you and your loved ones: enhanced image quality and up to 40% less radiation exposure. When you’re looking for a safer alternative and a more confident diagnosis, come to NewYork-Presbyterian/Lawrence.

If you would like to get a cardiac study utilizing our Low Dose CT scan, call your doctor for a prescription, and then call us for an appointment at 914-787-5008.