Medical Therapy & Immunotherapy


Customized Medical Treatments

Our medical oncologists have decades of experience and access not only to conventional chemotherapy, but also cutting-edge treatments that zero in on the molecular drivers of your tumor’s growth. We use personalized “precision” medicine—choosing targeted treatments for you that are based on your tumor’s specific molecular features. NewYork-Presbyterian was also an early participant in clinical trials assessing “cold caps” to decrease hair loss during chemotherapy. We now offer FDA-approved cold cap therapy to patients receiving chemotherapy at our centers.

Our Infusion Centers

Our modern infusion centers are staffed with oncology nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists who monitor your treatment, educate you about possible side effects and make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process.

Hormonal Therapy

Women whose tumors are fueled by estrogen or progesterone may receive hormonal therapies as part of their treatments. Examples of hormonal treatments include tamoxifen, raloxifene, exemestane, letrozole, and anastrozole. These medications are taken orally (by mouth) so you can take them at home, with guidance and support from your medical oncologist. Other hormonal therapies for advanced breast cancer are given by injection in your doctor’s office.

Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer

Immunotherapy harnesses the power of your immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells. NewYork-Presbyterian is a world leader in cancer care and immunotherapy. We offer the immunotherapy drug atezolizumab in combination with the chemotherapy drug nab-paclitaxel, which we give in our infusion centers to some women with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (a type of the disease that does not contain receptors for estrogen, progesterone, or human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 [HER2 protein]). We also have a robust research program featuring many clinical trials evaluating new immunotherapies and novel ways of combining immunotherapy with other cancer treatments. 

Clinical Trials

Researchers from Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine, in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian, lead clinical trials for patients with all stages of breast cancer. These important studies offer access to investigational therapies that show promise for fighting your cancer. Our physician-scientists scrutinize the intricacies of breast cancer development and progression, helping to identify which novel therapies might offer better outcomes for our patients. Your care team will let you know if you are eligible to enroll in a clinical trial, but the decision to participate is up to you.

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