Pediatric Anesthesiology

When your child is preparing for surgery, a procedure, or certain imaging tests or needs pain control, he or she may feel anxious. And you may be, too. The pediatric anesthesiologists at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens are united in our goal to enhance your child's comfort and minimize his or her anxiety — as well as yours. We have exceptional expertise providing anesthesia to infants, children, and adolescents. We customize your child's anesthesia to his or her age, medical condition, and type of procedure to ensure the experience is as smooth as it can be.

Specialized Knowledge

Our anesthesiologists are trained and board-certified to treat young patients. We understand how children's bodies differ from adults, and we use the most advanced approaches to reduce pain and discomfort in young people.

Types of Anesthesia

The anesthesia your child will receive depends on a number of factors, including the type of surgery or procedure and medical condition. Your anesthesiologist will select one of the following:

Local Anesthesia

These medications temporarily stop the sense of pain in only a particular area of the body. This type of anesthesia is for certain minor surgeries.

Regional Anesthesia

This method is used when only the portion of the body where the surgery will be done is anesthetized. Regional anesthetics include a "spinal anesthetic" — a single dose of anesthetic medication into the lower back to numb the lower body before lower abdominal, pelvic, rectal, or leg surgery — and continuous spinal anesthesia ("epidurals") for longer surgeries, often involving the legs. In cases where we use an epidural for chest surgery, we inject the anesthetic higher up in the back to numb the chest and abdominal areas.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is used to induce unconsciousness during surgery and is administered using a mask.

Collaborative Care

Pediatric anesthesiologists are integral members of your child’s healthcare team. Our goal is to reduce the pain and discomfort of infants, children, and adolescents in the hospital. Before each procedure, we consult closely with your child’s doctors to personalize a plan of care.

Family-Friendly Environment

We understand that parents are involved in their child's care. In some cases, we may allow you to accompany your child into the operating room or procedure suite while we start the anesthetic. To learn more about how much you can participate in this process, please speak with your child's physician before the procedure.

Child Life Specialists

Our dedicated child life specialists work with your child and your family before surgery or a procedure to address any fears, reduce anxiety, and answer any questions you may have. They are specially trained and certified to ensure that each child's hospital experience is positive and supportive.