Medical Education

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Pharmacy Residency Program

The NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Pharmacy Residency Programs provides training and experience, preparing each resident for a successful career as a leader in pharmacy practice.

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program

The postgraduate year one (PGY-1) pharmacy residency at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is an organized, directed, accredited training program that centers on building upon the knowledge and abilities gained from an accredited professional pharmacy degree program. The residency is based on the principles and philosophies set forth in the "Accreditation Standard for Postgraduate Year One Pharmacy Residency Program" established by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The residency program participates in the ASHP residency-matching program for its candidates. The matched resident signs a 12-month contract and must follow all conditions of being a NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital employee as well as a Pharmacy Resident.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital’s postgraduate year one (PGY-1) pharmacy residency prepares its graduates to assume positions as patient care clinicians equipped to provide medication related care in an acute or ambulatory care setting, eligible for board certification, to pursue a second-year postgraduate training in a focused area of practice, and to serve as adjunct clinical faculty for a college of pharmacy.

PGY-2 Critical Care Residency

The critical care pharmacy residency at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is centered on developing mastery, knowledge, and an expert level of competency in critical care pharmacotherapy. The program prepares the resident for any of the following: becoming a member of an interdisciplinary critical care team, obtaining a faculty position, and being eligible for attainment of board certification in critical care.

Upon completion of the 12-month program, the resident will be able to provide compassionate patient care in a variety of intensive care units with a focus on promoting safe and effective drug use. The critical care resident will exercise skill in educating other healthcare professionals and will possess the ability to conduct clinically relevant research.

PGY-2 Informatics Pharmacy Residency

The informatics pharmacy residency programs at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital draws on the clinical foundation of the entering resident, including general competencies for managing medication use systems and the support of optimal medication therapy outcomes. This 12-month program offers training in all aspects of the electronic medical record, computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support, pharmacy automation, data protection, and other standards and best practices in the healthcare environment.

The purpose of the Pharmacy Informatics Residency is to train individuals to manage the evolution of the medication use systems by applying pharmacy informatics principles, standards, and best practices. Program graduates will be able to function in an interdisciplinary environment of informatics project teams.