Cosmetically Sensitive Surgery

We perform breast cancer surgery with your appearance in mind, working to effectively remove the tumor while ensuring the best cosmetic result — to help you feel like yourself while we treat your cancer. This approach is called oncoplastic surgery. Our surgeons perform breast conservation (lumpectomy), sentinel node biopsy (to remove the smallest number of lymph nodes required to assess cancer spread), and mastectomy (including approaches that preserve the skin and the nipple when possible). Your surgeon will let you know which surgery is best for you.

Ablation Therapies

Novel surgical approaches at NewYork-Presbyterian include the use of cryoablation — a minimally invasive surgical procedure that freezes the breast tumor to kill cancer cells. We also offer laser therapy. Some women who receive these ablation treatments are able to avoid lumpectomy.

Breast Reconstruction During or After Mastectomy

We offer breast reconstruction to women who are having a mastectomy, which we can perform during your cancer surgery or at a later time. Your surgeon will let you know if you are a candidate for reconstruction using fat tissue from another part of your body. Our surgeons also offer breast implants using the latest techniques.



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