Vascular Medicine

Comprehensive vascular and endovascular care at one of New York’s top hospitals.

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Extraordinary Expertise and Experience

At NewYork-Presbyterian, our vascular surgery team is experienced in both minimally invasive endovascular approaches and open surgical procedures to restore blood flow to occluded arteries and veins. From diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, patients receive state-of-the-art care. Our vascular specialists have extraordinary expertise and experience in the performance of these procedures — some of which they pioneered.

We are uniquely qualified to offer you diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic services in a compassionate and caring environment.

Our Team

Uniquely Qualified to Offer You Superb Diagnostic, Preventive and Therapeutic Services

The vascular program at NewYork-Presbyterian is home to the most innovative techniques available for complex aortic aneurysm repair and New York City’s only formal limb preservation program. Our healthcare professionals work together as a unified, patient-centered system. Every day, we are meeting the needs of patients with extraordinarily diverse problems, including those in crisis situations, such as symptomatic aortic aneurysms, aortic dissections, strokes, threatened limbs, kidney failure, and the complications of diabetes.



Our Approach to Care

Multi-disciplinary, Innovative Comprehensive Care

Whenever possible, we treat vascular disorders using medication, lifestyle changes, or other non-surgical treatments. When these approaches are not enough, we offer the latest endovascular therapies and open vascular surgery. We individualize treatment choices to best serve the patient, seamless communication among our team members result in comprehensive care that put patients on the road to better health.

  • Vein Care: The dedicated vascular surgeons in our vein program use the latest technology to offer patients the highest quality vein care available. Treatment of vein problems may require simple outpatient procedures including thermal or nonthermal ablation of the underlying veins, injections or removal of the veins – all of which can improve symptoms and leg appearance.
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Care: Peripheral artery disease is extremely common – and potentially dangerous if left untreated. Patients with peripheral artery disease require early diagnosis and treatment which is important not only to improve circulation in the leg, but also to prolong life and prevent critical limb ischemia and the need for amputation. We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options — from preventative screenings to complex surgeries.
  • Aortic Disease Care: Working closely with our colleagues in cardiac surgery, our Aortic Center offers the least invasive techniques for aneurysms and other aortic conditions.
  • Diabetes-related Vascular Care: Whether it’s caring for leg and foot issues, wound care, dealing with vascular kidney problems, or simply helping with ports and access for dialysis, our team works with patients living with diabetes to ensure they have personalized attention.

Vascular procedures now often involve only brief periods in an operating room followed by surprisingly quick periods of at-home recovery These procedures, however, are still operations and patients should carefully weigh all of their treatment options before deciding upon a course of care. Vascular surgeons at NewYork-Presbyterian encourage patients to talk with them when evaluating their treatment options.

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